General Concrete is the best contractor for concrete driveway installation in Surrey. We provide a wide range of affordable concrete services, including concrete driveways in Surrey. As the leading concrete contractor in Surrey, General Concrete has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for five years standing! General Concrete is also verified by Home Stars and has a 97% star score, with an average rating of 9.9/10. General Concrete is also an award-winning company. Put simply; your driveway is in the best hands with General Concrete.

General Concrete invites you to contact us for a free quote at any time, which you can do by calling us directly at 604-341-4583. In the meantime, let us answer a few of the questions we most commonly get asked about concrete driveways in Surrey.

How Do You Fix a Sunken Concrete Driveway?

General Concrete offers three basic solutions for sunken concrete driveways, stated as follows:

1. We can replace your existing concrete.

2. Mud jacking allows us to lift sunken or settled concrete.

3. A polyurethane foam injection utilizes a closed-cell polymer foam to lift concrete slabs.

The first thing to do is to schedule a concrete inspection with General Concrete. Then, we can discuss all of your options, along with their pros and cons and costs.

How Thick Should the Base be for a Concrete Driveway?

The answer to this question depends on how many vehicles you have, and in particular, what the weight of the vehicles is that will be parked in your driveway. Obviously, a boat or an RV is heavier, thereby requiring a thicker base. For the average residence, four inches thick is the standard for passenger car driveways. However, if you have heavier vehicles, then five inches is recommended. We'll also need to make sure your driveway is sloped properly to prevent standing water.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Concrete Driveway?

The cost of driveways in Surrey depends on the labor and material involved. A plain gray concrete driveway is the cheapest option, which usually cost between $5 – $7 per square foot. However, many of our clients prefer decorative stamping and finishes, which can range between $9 – $22 per square foot. The best way to find out how much it will cost for your concrete driveway in Surrey is to call the pros at General Concrete for a free inspection.  

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If you need concrete driveway services in Surrey, contact General Concrete today for a free driveway inspection. We can assess your driveway, provide you with all of your options, and give you an itemized quotation.

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If you need a concrete driveway inspection in Surrey, contact General Concrete today. General Concrete is a reputed and affordable concrete company in Surrey with a reputation for integrity and quality. We also offer stamped concrete in Surrey, which can give your driveway a unique look and personality.


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